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Super Brothers

Super Brothers
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About game « Super Brothers »

Super Brothers are the perfect new action-adventure game with platforms to have been added by our team for you all here free of charge in this moment, where we've had tons of fun from start to finish, so why would you think you would not? Let's join these two brothers in the adventure of a lifetime!
Let's have fun with the two Super Brothers!
Use the arrow keys to move and jump with these two characters, changing between the brother and sister using the spacebar. You have to collect a total of three keys from each stage, because only after that will you be able to move through the door to the next level, where a more difficult course awaits you.
Watch out for traps, don't fall into pits, and other obstacles, because if one brother dies, you lose the whole level and have to start it again from scratch. Let's start this awesome platform-adventure experience right now, and don't hesitate to invite your friends over for fun as well, they will love it here!


Use the arrows, spacebar.

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