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Spider-Man Epic Battles

Spider-Man Epic Battles
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About game « Spider-Man Epic Battles »

Spider-Man Epic Battles is an excellent combination between fighting games and memory games, and the fact that it features the world's biggest superhero, Spiderman, only makes it better, and this experience is enhanced by the chance to fight off some of his biggest enemies in the character's history!
Use your excellent memory to help Spider-Man win his Epic Battles!
To attack your enemy you will have to do things such as:

remember a sequence of icons and click on it in the same order
match two identical tiles to eliminate them and attack
swap icons between them to form a group of three identical ones

Matching and memory are the two key actions you will have to make, and if you are successful at them, you will be able to attack Venom or other villains, but if you get these wrong, you get attacked instead, and it goes without saying, but if your health bar gets totally depleted, you lose and have to start again from scratch. Good luck, enjoy!


Use the mouse.

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