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Sandwich Tower

Sandwich Tower
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About game « Sandwich Tower »

Help Scooby Doo create the biggest Sandwich Tower in the world, which is definitely something that the always-hungry dog wants to do, but he doesn't think he has the necessary focus or skills to accomplish it, so you will help him with it right now, and we will teach you how as well, don't worry!
Let's make a big and tasty sandwich tower with Scooby-Doo!
Don't just make the sandwich nilly-willy, but follow the order you receive, as Fred will show you what kinds of ingredients each order has in them, as well as how many pieces of each ingredient you need to put between the buns.
Use the arrow keys to move the dog left and right, and if you get some extra ingredients there, don't worry, you get extra points. The quicker you are done with a level, the more stars you get at the end of it.
Also, be careful to avoid any things that fall that aren't food, since they will cause you to lose if they end up in the sandwiches. Start right now, and have fun as only here is possible, where we are always bringing you the best!


Use the arrow keys.

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