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Run Squid Game Run

Run Squid Game Run
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About game « Run Squid Game Run »

Run Squid Game Run is both an encouragement and the thing you have to do in the newest addition our team has put into the Squid Game category of our website we know so many of you love a whole deal, with this awesome avoiding game being one that looks great, is easy to be played, and a guaranteed jolly time!
Run to survive and win Squid Game!
You will start off by choosing which of the three red-suit guards you want to be:


You will then have them run left and right automatically, and when you click on the screen they change direction, but one thing is certain, they won't stop.
This is because weapons such as knives are thrown at them from the top of the screen, and your goal is to make them change direction at the right time in order to avoid them all.
When you get hit, you lose, but the more you avoid and survive, the bigger your score becomes. Good luck, have fun as only here is made possible, and see what more amazing content is still on its way for you right now!


Use the mouse.

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