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Poppy Playtime Imposter

Poppy Playtime Imposter
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About game « Poppy Playtime Imposter »

Poppy Playtime Imposter is a game that manages to combine both the Huggy Wuggy Games and the Among Us Games online categories into one, resulting in an amazing 3d gaming experience we would highly recommend for the fans of both these two franchises, and even if you love only one, you will fall in love with the other as well!
Let's find the Poppy Playtime Imposter hiding among us!
Of course, the imposter is you, Huggy Wuggy, who you move around the spaceship using the mouse. When the crewmates are doing some kind of job that they have been tasked with, and no one can see you, go behind their back and tap on the kill button to kill them, winning the level when you've eliminated them all.
Be careful not to get caught by them, because if that happens, and you end up being ejected from the spaceship, as it happens with all the found imposters, and you will have to start again from scratch. Good luck, enjoy, and have fun as only here is possible!


Use the mouse.

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