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Pop It Fun Bang-Bang

Pop It Fun Bang-Bang
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About game « Pop It Fun Bang-Bang »

Pop It Fun Bang-Bang is the latest addition in a long string series of amazing pop it games online that we know kids love playing a whole lot, since these fidget toys are really popular in real life, so it only makes sense for the fun to continue on computers or mobile devices as well.
Pop It, have fun, bang-bang, just like that!
The world of pop its is very big, as many kinds of shape you can imagine can be made into these toys, and these are the categories of items you have in this game:

fruits and vegetables

Click on a pop it figures, and then keep clicking on the bubbles on it until you have popped them all, and when you are done with that, advance to the next shape and so forth. It's that easy to have friv fun right now, so hit the play button, you won't regret it!


Use the mouse.

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