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Pop It Battle Royal

Pop It Battle Royal
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About game « Pop It Battle Royal »

You've never had Battle Royale experiences with Pop It Games, but precisely for that reason, we are very excited that at this moment we could share with you this amazing new game called Pop It Battle Royal, which is precisely that, where instead of popping toys just for fun and to stop fidgeting, you actually do it to have battles and win against other people!
Who will win the Pop It Battle Royal?
Start by choosing between the two modes you can play this challenge in:

Best of 5 to win
Best of 3 to win

For each round, all the players receive the same kind of shape, so that things remain fair, and they will have to pop all of its bubbles, with the first one to do it wins the round. Win the necessary number of rounds first to be the complete winner.
You will pop these fidget toys on both sides, so when you think you're done, you still have a bit to go. Focus! Good luck we wish you, we hope you are focused and ready all through the game, and we hope to see you try out more of our great content of the day!


Use the mouse.

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