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Noob: Jailbreak 2

Noob: Jailbreak 2
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About game « Noob: Jailbreak 2 »

Noob: Jailbreak 2 represents one of the best new platform-adventure games with Minecraft to have been added recently on our website, as it is also an escape game unlike you get to find and enjoy just every day, so sharing it with you was a treat for us, just like it's a treat for you to play Noob games online!
Help the Noob accomplish the second jailbreak!
To move and jump with the blocky Noob character you use the WASD keys, and you have to exit through each level of platforms, and to do that, you will first need to collect the key because only it opens the door for you to advance.
Be careful of seesaws, spikes, and other death traps, since every time you hit them you return to the start of the level. Use the stairs, or use the low gravity to make really big jumps.
Each new level puts the key in a new place, so you have to find new ways to make use of the environment to complete each stage which will be sort of like a puzzle. Good luck, enjoy!


Use the WASD keys.

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