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Cycling Hero

Cycling Hero
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About game « Cycling Hero »

Cycling Hero comes to the rescue as the freshest game to bring some new life into our Bicycle Games category, a page we know is beloved by kids and adults alike, as cycling can be fun whether you do it in real life or online, where you have more possibilities with zero the risks. Let's see how you play this mobile-friendly game so you can give it your best right away!
Can you hit the pedals and become a Cycling Hero?
For controlling your bike you only need to use the arrow keys, with which you try to ride fast and avoid the obstacles on the course because hitting into them slows you down. This is very bad because you are racing against other cyclists, and the first one to cross the finish line wins. You want to be that one, right?
You can bump the other racers off the tracks by hitting them in their rear wheel. Use ramps to jump high into the sky, the speed boosts with arrows on them to become faster and try to see how many bonus points you can score. Be careful not to lose all your three lives, since that means losing the whole race.
Now that you know these rules, nothing should be able to stop you from having incredible fun with this game right now, so hit the play button!


Use the mouse.

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