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Cheese Swipe

Cheese Swipe
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About game « Cheese Swipe »

Cheese Swipe is one of the best new Tom and Jerry Games online that you can play free of charge on our website, where we know that kids want to have new experiences all the time, since these are two of the world's most popular animated characters, so it is always a treat to join them in their daily fun!
Let's swipe as much cheese as possible with Tom and Jerry!
The lady fell so the cheese has dropped all over the house, with Jerry trying to grab as much of it as possible, something you are here to help him with, while Tom is trying to stop him, so make sure not to get caught by the cat, which wants both the mouse and the cheese.
Use the mouse to swipe on the screen and make jumps with Jerry. Avoid all the red items through the house, since they are traps and will kill you if hit too much, but in addition to cheese, grab blue items for extra points or power-ups.
The classic chase with Tom and Jerry is always tons of fun to be had, so we hope to see you start playing this wonderful game right now, after which you should check out all the other amazing ones still to come!


Use the mouse.

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